Remember, premium fishing gear is provided for you at no extra charge when booking a boat with us. See our sponsors above. We got everything except fly gear and bait. However, we encourage you to bring your own stuff if you like. Below is a list of equipment that will tackle just about every fish found in our waters:

Rods:(4 Rod/per person maximum on international flights)

4 rods, a 6' trolling rod with all or tip and bottom roller guides in a 50# to 80# class; a 6' rod 20# to 50# class; a 5 1/2' or 6' 10# to 40# class; and a 6' bass rod.


6/0 reel, either lever or star drag with 60# to 80# test mono; 4/0 reel, either lever or star drag with 40# or 50# test mono; a Penn 500 or comparable reel with 20# to 30# test mono, and a quality level wind bass reel with 10# to 12# test mono.


Marlin lures in bleeding mackerel [orange/yellow]
Mean joe green [green/black]
Dorado [green/yellow], hot pink and [black/purple]
Tuna feathers in [yellow/green], [blue/white], [red/white], [black/purple], and all white.
Magnum rapalas CD14 and CD 18 sizes in green or blue mackerel, [brown/white], and orange.
A few iron lures in chrome, [blue/chrome], [blue/white], [green/yellow], and all white.
Two medium sized Marauders in ninja and Tony the tiger colors.

Terminal Tackle:

An assortment of hooks from 1/0 to 10/0 preferably lazer type such as Mustad, Owner, Eagle Claw, or Gamakatsu. One roll each of leader material in 100#/125# test and 200#/250# test. Ball bearing type swivels and snaps in size 4 [100#] and size 6 [200#]. A 30' roll of 135# 49-strand stainless steel cable. Yozuri [lucky joe] bait rigs.


Live bait is usually available for purchase as the boats are departing in the morning. We recommend you bring frozen squid for those times live bait is scarce, or for shore fishing.

Rod Carrier:

While transporting your rods on the airlines you should protect them with a quality rod carrier. You can either purchase a rod carrier or make one out of 4" PVC pipe with a permanent cap on one end and a screwable cap on the other.


Hat or cap, sunglasses, waterproof sunscreen, rod belt, tennis shoes, long-sleeve shirt for sun-sensitive, windbreaker for cooler months.

Rental Tackle:

We have high quality gear available for rental at the hotel, featuring Diawa and Penn reels. We also have light tackle rods for sport fishing, and we suggest you bring your own light reel. You may call our reservation office for details on tackle rods available or recommended gear for you to bring. Our captains also have a basic assortment of lures and terminal tackle for your use. We also try to maintain a assortment of lures and terminal tackle available for purchase in our gift shop.

Fishing Licenses:

1 day - $15 usdll 1 week -$ 30 usdll 1 month $ 42 usdll and 1 year $ 52 usdll See our Fishing Regulations Page for daily bag limits.