Week of October 21 to
October 28, 2018

The Environment:

Water- 83 degrees

Air- Very pleasant, cool mornings, highs in the mid 80’s, clear skies.

The Bottom Line

Yellowfin, Dorado, Wahoo, bill fish, Roosterfish, all biting.. Very, very excellent bottom fishing, all made for an excellent week of fishing. Lot’s of live bait available, Sardine, Caballito and some mackerel.

Yellowfin- Lot’s around both inside and outside. Inside the fish are running from 7-40#. Outside under the Porpoise larger to 70#. Inside about 2miles off the Pescadero tuna hole, limits of tuna mostly on Sardine. Outside up to 40 miles offshore under Porpoise larger fish taking cedar plugs, Hoochies, squid, and both Sardine and Caballito. A 76.7 # won the Tuna Shoot. A huge 305#er came in to late to qualify.

Dorado- Best north. Lot’s of smaller schooling fish in the 5-10# range, mixed with some nice bulls. Large schools throughout the bay.

Wahoo- The best Wahoo bite south of Cerro Colorado, 1-2 miles offshore. At least 2-3 fish per boat, that takes the long ride. One of the fleet boats caught nine in one day. Nice fish around 50#.. a lot of Wahoo taken closer as well. Rapalas and marauders best.

Billfish- anglers targeting billfish are releasing Sails, Stripers, Blacks. Boats going for billfish are scoring at least one a day. Accurate Jack Nilsen, fishing on El Jefe released the only spearfish I know of this year!

Bottom- Dan Fugere from San Francisco took a 49.5 pound Dog tooth Pargo this week! We’ve had large Pargo all season with at least one 30#er taken every week.
He broke our record 42.5 taken last month. A harnessed live Bonito did the trick.
Lot’s of Pompano and Sierra taken inshore off the bottom as well.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch

Very very good fishing.. Check out our fish Photo Gallery

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