Fish Report - May 10 - 17, 2015

Water- Weather early in the week really turned over the inside water. The temps inside are much colder than any time this year. 70-72 degree water inside. About 5 miles off the beach the water heats up to 77- 80 degrees! It has affected the fishing.

Air- Very pleasant spring weather, clear, cool mornings and nights, highs in he mid 80's...

Not a great week of fishing!

The water inside has been much cooler than normal all week. Anglers are spotting lots of tailing and jumping Stripers, with very, very few biting. The bill fish are taking pretty much live Cabbalitto exclusively. Some fleet boats ran into Yellowfin a couple of days running, off the north end of Cerralvo taking some nice 30-40# tuna. The Rooster fishing as usual for this time of year has been good. With 30#er's pretty common. Not much fishing pressure inside this past week as most hotel anglers opting to fish outside.

I expect the bite to really pick up this week as the water warms.