Week Ending August 23, 2014

Hurricane Marie Update: Besides a little overcast and patches of rain, there have been no affects on the area from this recent weather system. Seas are flat, and flights are on time and it's business as usual.

Water - 85 degrees, a tad cooler than last week. Air -Highs in the low 90's with afternoon breezes.

The Environment: All-in-all it’s been a rainy summer and today (8/23) we’ve been seeing heavy storm clouds over the sea to the southeast. Thunder can be heard so we expect a little rain with a nice cool day. This overcast weather has cooled things down this week. The sea surface temps were also a little cooler: 85.3 degrees yesterday. The water has been flat calm seas all week. Good bait available including caballito and barracuda. Sardina were available down south on the way to the tuna bite.

The Bottom Line: Let’s call it an improving 7.5 on the Rancho Leonero 1 to 10 scale.

Billfish – Sailfish are the most plentiful at the moment. Best area proved to be 5- to 10-miles off Cabo Pulmo. Most success was on lures with trolled ballyhoo a close second. Some blues were also taken on jigs. The stripers have gone quiet which is usual this time of year. We did, however, have a boat catch two yesterday.

Yellowfin Tuna– – The tuna bite down south, just past Los Frailes, continues to produce fish. They are biting exclusively on sardinas. Dead or alive the sardinas are what they want. These are good fish, 25- to 45-pounds. Anglers can expect 4 to 8 fish per day. Kind of slow, but patience does pay off. There are schools of porpoise holding fish outside, but they have proved to be picky biters. Dorado - Dorado are spread all over. Boats are finding schools all over the East Cape and picking out the bigger fish and releasing the small ones. Some better quality dodos were taken in amongst the tuna.

Meanhwhile, Back at the Ranch... A few more roosters showed up this week. Some really big fish (60-pounders) were nailed near the new marina entrance. Some huge pargo in the 40-pound range were taken in front of actor Scott Glenn’s house, between the Ranch and La Ribera. Big pargo are lurking in the tree stumps and reefs. It’s tough to get them out, but fun trying. Dropping down a big live bait is working is best. Then it's just a tug-o-war!