October 9 - October 15, 2016

This is my favorite time of year. It's getting cooler now although the middle of the days are nice and warm. The water temperature is perfect at around 83 degrees. No weather issues whatsoever. This month is probably the last chance at good East Cape fishing for the year.

The billfish bite remains solid with a mix of blues, stripers and sails. Most billfish are being picked off by anglers returning from the tuna bite down south. La Ribera all the way to Frailes produced strikes. That being said, some anglers caught stripers while working the bottom for Amberjacks and snapper.

Good quality tuna taken all week. There are pockets of fish being found all over. The shelf off La Ribera produced a few fish as did El Rincon. The most active bite was further south. Various places from Frailes to San Luis including El Farito. The Aiman bank also produced fish. 100% squid bite at the moment. Fish were bigger than last week with some in the 100 lb class.

Dorado were around but the bite has definitely slowed. Fewer but bigger is how I would describe it.

The marvellous Wahoo bite continues. Fish all week. Good specimens in the 40 to 50 lb class. Multiples per boat not unusual. Again fish were found to the south while travelling to the tuna bite. Some fish are mixed in with the tuna. Many fish disappointing anglers by biting off the tuna rigs.

Bottom fishing was mainly about amberjacks and red snapper this week. Fish are lurking in deep water on the shelf off La Ribera. Beware though, don't go too light on the tackle as you are likely to hook into a marlin while dropping bait.

With the focus on the tuna this week not a lot of anglers were looking for roosters this week.I have no doubt that there are good fish in all the usual places as this is their time of year.



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